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I first tried Chillax™ when I was competing in Europe. Immediately, I felt my horses settle in and focus on the work at hand, unlike any other product I have tried. After researching the ingredients and the unique way the horses ingest Chillax™, I contacted the company who designed and manufactures it with the idea of bringing this amazing product to the US. I truly believe this will help horses and riders across the US have better experiences at competition and travel.

With this in mind, we formed a small company called Animax Health LLC. All of us at Animax Health, Josh Taylor, who has extensive background in marketing and distribution, Emery Jones Taylor and Evie Dutton who are lifelong horse women and business women are delighted to bring this product to the US.

I am confident that you will find Chillax™ is a great addition to your horse’s career and overall quality of life.

Phillip Dutton

Phillip and I have been friends for more than fifteen years. We met through our wives, Evie and Emery whom have been friends since childhood. As an Olympian and one of the best in the world in his discipline, Phillip is often approached and asked to try products. One of the kindest people you would ever meet, Phillip is always willing to assist if he believes in the outcome, and when he finds something in which he is interested, we discuss how best to work with, endorse, or invest in the person or product.

When Phillip first tried Chillax™, he was very excited. I had never witnessed this side of him – he was resolute! This, he felt, was one of the best products he had ever used. We started brainstorming and it was clear to me that, as much as anything else, Phillip wanted to make this product available, not only to his team mates, and other high-performance American competitors, but beyond, to equestrians in all disciplines, and so we decided to form our company – Animax Health, LLC.

At the heart of it, it was very important to Phillip that the product be easy to obtain, easy to administer, and not too expensive.

Our strategy is to offer a good product, treat others, as we would want to be treated, surpass our customers’ expectations and conduct our business with integrity.

We contemplated various distribution channels, but concluded that employing a third-party distributor, would raise the cost. As such, we are offering Chillax™ exclusively through this website. The easy to use 60 ml squeeze syringe contains three dosages, each usage costs less than $10, and horses like the apple flavor.

We hope you are happy with the product, and we consider it an honor and privilege when we hear from a satisfied customer.

Josh Taylor



Chillax is a scientifically designed equine calming supplement designed to reduce the stress levels of horses for competition, shipping, standing, etc. Chillax is intended for the use of excitable and anxious horses to help refocus them to make everyday tasks safer for the horse and rider.