Chillax Riders

Phillip Dutton, 6 time Olympian, USEA Leading Rider of the year for 13 years, individual Bronze Medalist in the 2016 Olympics, and currently ranked number 2 in the world, has this to say about Chillax™: “I use Chillax™ because it has a great way of getting my horses to focus and concentrate on the task at hand – doesn’t matter how much atmosphere or how many distractions. It is an incredible nutritional additive that sets my horses and me up for success. I recommend Chillax™ for any horse from beginners up to the experienced campaigners in all riding disciplines.”













Chillax is a scientifically designed equine calming supplement designed to reduce the stress levels of horses for competition, shipping, standing, etc. Chillax is intended for the use of excitable and anxious horses to help refocus them to make everyday tasks safer for the horse and rider.